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No matter the culprit—fire, storm, water, or mold, SERVPRO of South and North West Grand Rapids is expertly equipped to assess residential damage and clean it up to return your home to a pristine state.

Commercial or Residential - We Take Care of Both!

Did you know that here at SERVPRO of South and North West Grand Rapids, we offer our services to both residential and commercial customers? Whether you're dealing with a disaster at your home or at your business, we're the place to call.

Office Flood, Wyoming MI

Heavy rains in a short period of time caused the outside water drains to backup into this office building, leaving 2 inches of standing water. SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids was able to mitigate the water within 3 hours on a Sunday night and they were able to use the office Monday morning.

Commercial Flood, Kentwood MI

Due to a recent tornado that left behind 3 inches of standing rain water in the basement of this commercial building, SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids was able to mitigate the water within 6 hours. Call (616) 662-9700 for services 24/7 365.

Commercial Fire, Jenison, MI

A local community center caught on fire and the kitchen was a total loss! SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids was able to demolish the kitchen, remove the trash and prepare for reconstruction. We then used our state of the art equipment to deodorize the smell and soot residue from the affected areas.

Disaster Team Relief, Grand Rapids MI

If flood or fire strikes, you can depend on your local SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids for fast and thorough service. With 24/7 emergency responses available, we will give you the best flood damage clean up and restoration service available. We can decrease recovery costs and limit downtime so you can service your patients expediently.

Hotel sprinkler system failure, Kentwood MI

An unexpected freeze can cause a lot of damage to water pipes. This sprinkler system failure caused water to cover half of a 2nd floor hotel. SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids quick response, water mitigation and drying process, kept this business in operation during the entire process.

Sprinkler flood, Grand Rapids MI

Sprinkler systems are a great thing to have in the event of a fire. Unfortunately this Grand Rapids business suffered a Sprinkler system malfunction. SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids placed multiple dehumidifies and air movers to dry out the entire third floor.

2 Desiccant Dehumidifier with Generator

Owned and operated by SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids, two Trailer Mounted Desiccant Dehumidifier with Generator Trailers. Desiccants are used to remove moisture from the air and speeds the process of drying out a large room, they are mainly used for the Commercial water losses.